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Nepal is natural beautiful, Himalayan land-locked country located between India and china. It is known as a country of Himalaya,800 km long , 200km wide and 60m above from sea level. Nepal has Ten World Heritage Sites. Some of the highest mountains in the world including Mount Everest also in Nepal. It has different kinds of?bio diversity. so we could found different climet in Nepal.we can gate many different species of vegetation and different type of birds like pheasants, storks, cuckoos and pretty of birds. For those who love the fauna, they can see elephant, royal Bengal tigers, bears,monkey, one horned rhino and many more animal in Nepal. Kathmandu is the capital and largest city in Nepal.

Nepal is the birth place of Lord Buddha, holy Hindu sites, beautiful temples, stupas, and churches, and the number UNESCO heritage sites .The most memorizing scenery you could ever feast your eyes on, all of those event bring you to welcoming republic of Nepal. Nepal is also rich in biological diversity and is home to a wide variety of flora, fauna and wildlife spacies. Rich culture, art and history attract visitors each year where they can see various religions coexisting harmoniously among the multitude of ethnic groups that form the people of Nepal. The north is covered by enormous, snow capped mountains with acold alpine climate, the middle region is scattered with hills and has a mild climate, and the southern region is made up of the flat Terai region with a very warm, humid, tropical climate. The Himalayan and hilly landscape has attracted adventure-seeking travellers for years, they come for mountaineering, climbing, trekking, hiking,helicopter sightseeing, mountain biking,paragliding and rafting. Nearly one-third of the total length of the Himalayas and 8 of the worlds highest peaks are situated in Nepal.


Trekking in Nepal

Trekking in nepal is famous for travellers around the world. Nepal is famous for everyone, who loves the Trekking, mountains, nature, Flora, fauna, history, architure etc.  Simple life doesn’t...

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Paragliding in Nepal

Paragliding in Nepal is one of the big adventure for travelers. Paragliding is to fly like a bird on a blue sky with stunning view of himalayas. It is...

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Bungee Jumping in Nepal

Longest Free-Fall in the World!!! Beyond expedition to awe-inspiring Himalayan, Nepal is also famous for myriad layers of one-day outing excursion. Traveling either within Kathmandu at UNESCO World Heritage...

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Day Tours

Nepal is popular travel destination in the world. Nepal is a country which is known for its unblemished natural beauty, different culture and traditions and innumerable divine places of...

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Hiking Tour in Nepal

Nepal in Nepal is one another popular activities in the country. While hiking and walking through the lush valley, cultural heritage sites, unique landscapes, rural village imparts you a...

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River Rafting in Nepal


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Tour in Nepal

  Nepal is the most beautiful and stunning Himalayan country in the world. Nepal is rich with traditions of art and culture and Kathmandu, the capital city, is a...

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