About Nepal Visa

Nepal extends visa to almost all nation citizens around the world. Indian nationals do not need a visa to enter Nepal. The Nepalese Embassies or Consulates out of the country and the immigration offices provide a sixty days visa upon the requires documents presentation of a valid passport, two passport size photos, and a payment of the equivalent of US$ 25 Single Entry for 15 days Visa, US$ 40 single entry visa for 40 days and US$100 single entry visa single entry for 90 days visa. Children below 10 years are free from paying the Visa Fee.

Tourist visa

The Immigration Officer of the entry point or the mission for fifteen days, thirty days, and ninety days entry visa in visa year.

The Director-General for renewal the validity of visa and regularize to the tourist who have already entered into Nepal by obtaining entry visa.

But the immigration officer of the entry point may regularize the visa for fifteen days at departure time if the totals stay period in a visa year not exceeding 150 days.

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