Around Kathmandu valley

There are many rock climbing sites around Kathmandu valley. Among them, the following three sites are the most popular ones:

Nagarjun rock climbing

Nagarjun rock climbing located about ½ an hours of drive in the northwest of Kathmandu from central Thamel. This is one of the nearest outdoor climbing sport. Grade of 4a to 7a plus overhanging climbing with 21 different routes. Climbers who want to do multi-pitch of 30 meters and a single pitch of 12 meters, they can do here. This is the best sport for climbing all year around. Naturally, it is beautiful as well as the best viewpoint of the Kathmandu valley.

Hattiban Rock climbing sites

One hour of drive and 25 minutes of walk will bring you all way to rock-climbing spots of hatiban. This is quite bit of adventure than Nagarjun rock climbing site. Rock climbing grade starts from 6a to 7a. You can do all year round rock climbing here instead of the monsoon but, we recommend in winter because it faces on southern ad all day we got sunlight.

Bimal Nagar site

Bimalnagar is located in the western part of Nepal along the way of Pokhara which is 5 hrs. drive by local bus. There are only a few fixed route where you can do 60 meters’ natural climb and four different pitch and some single pitch. Which climbing offers you a magnificent view of Manaslu and Annapurna.

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