Cost for Tims and Permit in Everest Base Camp Trek

For everest base camp trek from Lukla

1. Trekkers Information Management System (TIMS Card)

Needed documents:-

  1. Two copy of passport size pictures
  2. Fill up form with necessaries  details

2. Sagarmatha National Park Permit

Needed Documents:-

  • Fill up Form with necessary details

For Jiri to Everest Trek additional permit is needed which is covered gaurishankar conservation area project.

1. Gaurishankar Conservation Area Project

Needed Documents:-

  • Form with necessary details

TIMS(Trekking Information Management System) Card for Everest Base Camp Trek

Trekking Agency Association of Nepal (TAAN) is responsible for issuing TIMS card for Everest Base Region Trek. Threre are three different kind of TIMS card which are organizing, individuals, SAARC country tims card and they have different prices too.

Trekking agency association of Nepal (TAAN) is responsible for issuing the TIMS card for Everest region trek. Threre is two different kind of tims card which is in different colours.

  • Organized TIMS Card (BLUE COLOR, USD 10)
  • Individual TIMS Card (GREEN COLOR USD 20)
  • SAARC Country TIMS Card (RED COLOR USD 3)

If you are trekking through an agency you need to obtain organized TIMS card, which is blue colour. This is blue in color and will cost USD 10 for one card. Each trekkers need to have TIMS  card. Your agency is responsible for issuing necessary card for you. You just need to provide your passport details and one passport size picture to your agent.

If you are trekking yourself then you need to obtain Individual TIMS card which is green colour. This is green in color and will cost you USD 20 for each card. You need to go yourself to issue this kind of TIMS. This can be easily issue either from Thamel or Nepal Tourism Board in Kathmandu. 

People from SAARC (South Asian association for regional cooperation) like as Indian, Bhutan,Sirilanka, Pakistan, Maldives, Bangaldesh and Afagansthan have to issue SAARC TIMS. This can issue either from angency or yourself same thing  but they indicated the number who issue it.

Sagarmatha National Park Entry Permit (USD 30 + 13% Govt. Tax)

Mount Everest is located inside the Sagarmatha National Park, Solukhumbu. Trekkers need to obtain necessary national park entry permit. There is a checkpoint in Monjo, staffs there comply you had obtained permits. There are few checkpoints along the way and you need to register your permit. If you are trekking through agency , Agency will issue this permit.

For independent trekkers, the cost is same to those trekking through an agency. This permit can be issue either in Kathmandu or directly in Monjo. The cost is same in both Kathmandu and Monjo. It is recommended to issue the permits directly in Monjo. Many agencies does the same, they issue permits in Monjo. Also for the SAARC country please check the price at counter.

Gaurishankar National Park Entry Permit (USD 20) for Jiri to Everest Base Camp Trek

The cost is same for both individual and organized trekkers. For SAARC there is discount on this permit. There is a checkpoint at Shivalaya (Next town from Jiri). This permit should be issued in Kathmandu prior to departure. For Organized trek agency will look after the permit. For individual trekkers you need to pay double if you issue permits at Shivalaya, i.e. USD 40 for each card. Also you need to fill up the form and passport size picture is needed. 

 For more information, check the our page.

Update: New Permit System for Everest Base Camp Trek

Now we have new decentralization system from government, there is local pasang lamhu village  committee. With decentralization now giving basic rights to local authority TIMS is no more valid for Everest Base Camp Trek. New local permit system is enforced and it can be obtained in Lukla. This will cost Rs 2000 for both organized and individual independent trekkers.

So in summary here is the permit details of Everest:

1. Sagarmatha National Park Entry Permit
Cost: Rs 3390 Per Person
Place to issue: Either in Nepal Tourism Board Kathmandu or Monjo (Park Entrance, check in map)

2. Local Entry Permit
Cost: Rs 2000 Per Person
Place to issue: Lukla