Everest Region Trek with Local Guide

Everest region is the most renowned trekking destination throughout the world. Apart from Mount Everest, the presence of unique geography, flora and fauna and exotic Himalayan culture makes this place a center of global attraction. It is the dream of every trekking enthusiast to accomplish the Everest region trek once in a lifetime. Further, it is also possible to do the solo Everest Region Trek. However, being the high altitude trek, it is always recommended to do Everest Trek with Local Guide.


Everest Region Trekking with Local Guide

If you are planning to travel to Nepal, then be sure to include Everest Base Camp Trek in your bucket list. Located at an altitude of 5360m, EBC Trek takes you to the foot of the world's tallest mountain, Mount Everest. Moreover, the trek also lets you enjoy the astonishing views of various mountains including Ama Dablam, Nuptse, Lhotse, Thamserku, and many others. However, not everyone can complete the Everest Base Camp trek successfully due to various mental and physical challenges. Therefore for such people, there are other various short and exciting trekkings, available in the Khumbu region.

Among many, one of the short and popular Everest Trek is Everest View Trek. Everest View Trek offers you the opportunity to enjoy a great stay at Everest View Hotel. The views of majestic mountains from that hotel are outstanding. Furthermore, a trek from Namche to Tengboche Monastery serves you with an opportunity to embrace the beauty of the mighty Himalayas and Tibetan culture. Joining these Everest Trek with Local Guide lets you grab more information about the culture and beauty of the Everest region.

Those who have the strong determination to join the long and challenging Everest Region trek, they can do so by hiring a local guide. Some of the challenging Everest region Trek are Gokyo Lake Trek, EBC Trek via Jiri, Gokyo Chola Pass Trekking, Gokyo Lake Trek with Renjo La Pass, Three Passes Trek, and so on. These all long and strenuous treks provide you a chance to witness the world's, eight highest peaks. It requires immense physical strength and will-power to complete these treks successfully. If you are thinking to accomplish these treks all by yourself, then immediately keep that thought aside. Considering your safety and comfort, it is wise enough to do these Everest Trek with Local Guide. Your guide will ensure your security and also arrange the best available food and accommodation.

Is it mandatory to do Everest Trek with a Local Guide?

It is absolutely possible to do the Everest Trek without a guide and it is not mandatory as well. But, it is highly recommended to hire a guide due to some particular reasons.


What are the reasons to hire a guide for trekking to the Everest region?

Some of the compelling reasons to hire a guide for Everest region Treks are:

1. Safety and Security

Though the Everest Region Treks are well-facilitated and well-marked there are still some cases where trekkers go missing while trekking. Due to the lack of proper altitude and trail information, such an incident happens. So to avoid such risks, it is important for you to hire an experienced guide for trekking. The local and experienced guides are well familiar with all the trails and have enough information about the altitudes. They know the pace you need to maintain to reach the destination. They are the someone, who takes care of all your acclimatization. Local guides do all possible things to avoid altitude sickness. Even if you get caught by acute mountain sickness, they will do all possible things to make you feel normal.

Moreover, if you need any help while passing the high passes then they are always there to help you. Besides these all, the local guides will help you avoid all other risks which you may encounter during the Everest trek. Guides are the first responder and your true rescuer in every difficulty that might come along your way. So, to have a safe and comfortable trek, it is better to hire a local guide.

2. More interaction with locals and their culture

Similar to the way we all know our hometown, local guides for the Everest region are well familiar with all the trekking routes of that region. They know each and every detail of the particular trekking destination. Joining the Everest trek with Local Guides lets you have a close interaction with the people living there. Interaction with the locals gives you the chance to experience the lifestyle and culture of the Himalayan people. Further, you may also sometimes get the chance to participate in their festivals and celebrations too.

3. Helping to the Local Economy

Most of the people from the trekking regions make their living by working as Local Guides. They serve their best to develop the tourism sector of Nepal. So, hiring a guide doesn't mean you are weak. It means you are respecting their way of living. Further, by hiring them you are helping them to make their living.

Where to hire a guide for Everest Trek?

Well, you can hire a guide from both Kathmandu and Lukla. You have to be very careful while hiring a guide, as they are the ones to make your trek exciting or disheartened. By booking a trek with any of the local travel company in Nepal, you can solve this problem, as they provide a licensed guide with you. Further, they also take care of all your permits and document works.

Normally the cost of hiring a local guide for the Everest region Trek costs around $30 per day.