Everest View Trek Cost

Stepping into the land of the Himalayas and having the closest view of Mt.Everest is the dream of everyone. However, due to the time limitation and budget problem, many of them cannot afford the trek to Everest Base Camp. Hence, taking all these things into consideration, the Everest View Trek package was designed. Short Everest View Trekking is one of the fascinating ways to savor the beauty of the Everest region in a short period of time. Talking about the Everest View Trek Cost, it is really cheaper than all other treks to the Everest region. But, the total cost of this trek depends on many things like the season, duration, and type of trek you plan. Further, the cost also varies from one company to another, depending on the service they provide.

With the start of the trek from Kathmandu Valley, the trek will go up to the Everest View Hotel in Namche. Throughout the journey, you can enjoy the spectacular views of beautiful landscapes and majestic mountain views. Besides these all, this trek also lets you know more about the Sherpa people and their culture. The great hospitality of brave Sherpa people lures you deep from the heart.

Everest View Trek Cost determine factors are below.

You can see the cost of the short Everest View Trek in the split form.

  • Kathmandu to Lukla-Both way Flight Cost

Located at an elevation of 2800m, the actual Nepal Everest View Trek starts from Lukla. Therefore, we have to take a flight from Kathmandu to the Lukla airport first. The flight cost to Lukla totally depends on the passport of the traveler. Depending on which country's passport the traveler holds, the cost varies. For Nepali citizens, the cost is around 13000 whereas for foreigners, the flight fare for both ways comes around 360 USD.


  • Cost of Food

During the trek, the cost of food in the higher region is higher than in lower city areas like Kathmandu and Pokhara. Due to the lack of road transportation in the Khumbu region, people have to carry goods either by flight or foot. Hence, the more we ascend, the more the price increases. Normally, the average cost of food in the Everest region comes around 28USD per day. Compared to lunch and dinner prices, breakfast prices are quite cheaper.

If you want to have extra beverage items, then the food costs definitely become higher than the above-mentioned cost.


  • Accommodation Cost

Wherever you stay in the Everest region, you will get overwhelmed by the hospitality of Nepalese people. The clean hotels with excellent service make your Mount Everest View Trek more reminiscing. Further, the views of mountains from these hotels are mindblowing. For your comfort, there are many hotels in Namche Bazar. However, if you want some extra, then have a great stay at Everest View Hotel. Everest View Hotel is the highest place hotel in the world. Located at the Sagarmatha National Park, this hotel offers fascinating views of several snowcapped mountains. With the magnificent view of Mount Everest from each room, you can enjoy some quality time here. However, the stay in this hotel makes your Everest View Trek Cost slightly higher. So, instead of spending the night in this hotel, you can visit this hotel during the day.


  • Cost of Hiring a Trekking Guide

Well, it totally depends on the person's interest whether to hire a guide or not. If you want to have a safe and comfortable trek then, it is always recommended to take a guide during the trek. As they provide every possible information about the places and the local communities, you will find a trek with a guide more exciting. Whenever you encounter any problem, they are always there for you. To ensure your safety and security, most of the local travel company in Nepal will provide you with a well-trained guide. The average cost of a guide per day comes around 30 USD.

Though hiring of trek guide increases your Everest View trek price, it is recommended for your safety.


  • Cost of Hiring a Porter

Trekking without the guide or porter is possible but if you want some comfort then you should hire them. By hiring a porter, you shouldn't have to carry all your luggage by yourself. Instead of carrying luggage, you can give you full focus on the beauty of the region. Normally a porter will charge around $20 per day and guide cost around USD 30.