Group joining trekking in Nepal

Well known as the land of the Himalayas, thousands of adventure enthusiasts from all around the world comes to Nepal for trekking and mountaineering purpose. If you are a solitude lover, then it’s fine you can travel alone but, those who love to travel in a group can book the group joining trekking in Nepal. Many travel companies in Nepal offer you the best group to join the trek in a different part of Nepal.  Booking the group trek, you can complete your entire trip within a low budget. Also, most of the trekking in Nepal is best enjoyed when trekked with a group. So, if you are planning to trek in the remote area of Nepal, then rather than booking the solo trek, go for the group trek.

Nepal offers trekking enthusiasts an immense scope for trekking to the unspoiled regions. Along with some popular trekking trails, there are several newly opened trekking trails in Nepal. Further, it is true that the world’s highest peak Mt. Everest makes the Everest Base Camp Trek popular worldwide so, when it comes to trekking in Nepal, most people may only know about the Everest Base Camp. But, besides this trekking, there are other various adventurous and fascinating trekking trails in Nepal, which lures each of the people visiting Nepal. To name a few, some of the exciting trekking trails are Annapurna Base Camp Trek, Manaslu Circuit Trek, Ghorepani Poonhill Trek, and Upper Mustang Trek. All these trekking routes are different and best in their own way. It is possible to trek alone in some of the trekking trails but, some of the restricted regions, including Upper Dolpo, Lower Dolpo, Upper Mustang require at least two tourists for the entry permit. In such a case, group travel is best. 

Group joining trekking in Nepal is for those single trekkers who are seeking to trek with other people or groups. Trekking in a group would help to reduce the cost of trekking. Moreover, regarding safety also, a group trekking package is an ideal option. For those who have their own group, it’s perfect, and those who are single can join the group provided by the travel company in Nepal. But before booking, just try to make sure either you are comfortable with the group members or not.


Some of the advantages of the group joining trekking in Nepal

Trekking partner

A group joining trek provides you with some trekking partners with whom you will complete your entire trekking journey. You have to spend several days with the group members while trekking. Spending time with group members lets you make beautiful bonding with them. You can make lifelong friends while trekking together and it is truly a great way to make new friends. Being in a group of like-minded people with the common goal of trekking makes your trekking journey more exciting and joyful. Undoubtedly, group hiking or trekking is a great and casual way to make new friends that you may never have met otherwise.

During the group trek, you can enjoy a great conversation with the people trekking next to you. Even if the conservation may not be about your favorite one, during the trek, every conservation means a lot to you.

Low Trekking Cost

Despite having the dream of trekking on the trekking trails of Nepal, there are many people who are bounded by the budget limitation. For such trekkers group joining trek is the perfect option. 

By joining the group trek, you can share the cost of transportation, and guides, which helps in the reduction of the trekking cost. Further, sharing of accommodation, with the group members decreases your travel expense. Besides these all, there are many other expenses which you can share with the members.


Regarding safety and security, a group joining trekking is the best option for anyone. When trekking in a group, you have the confidence to deal with any problem that comes on your way of trekking. Furthermore, your group members help you whenever you encounter any problem. When times get tough your friends will be there to motivate and encourage you. For instance: When trekking towards the higher altitudes, if someone in a group suffers from altitude sickness, then the members of a group will directly or indirectly apply the effort to make you feel healthy.

While trekking, most of the time you have to walk on the trails which are too far from the human settlement. Hence, while trekking alone in such trails, if any problems meet you, then it would turn the exciting trip into a life-threatening trip.

Also, when it comes to venturing deep into the forests, there is definitely safety in numbers rather than alone. When trekking alone, inside the woods, you are not safe from wild animals. For now, you may think that seeing wildlife in the jungle is fun and sometimes it is, but most of the time, it can be more dangerous. However, if you do the group trek, then the loud chatting sound of the group may scare many animals so, they may not attack any of you.

Restricted Area Permit

According to the rule of the Nepal Government, it will require at least two foreign tourists to apply for the restricted area permit. So, if you are visiting Nepal alone, then a group join trek would help you to obtain that permit.

Sharing experience

The group trekking offers you the opportunity to share your history and culture with your group members who are from different countries. Also, you have the chance to know the culture and traditions of other countries too. Apart from this, trekking lets you experience the culture and lifestyle of the locals and, it becomes easy for you to do so when you are in a group. However, when trekking alone you may not freely communicate with the locals.

From tree and plant identification to the history of the area you are trekking through, there is always more chance of getting more information when trekking in a group.

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