Local food and restaurant in Nepal

Not only the scenic natural beauty and exotic culture,  tours in Nepal also offers you the opportunity to taste the local Nepali food which is of unique flavor. In tourist areas such as Kathmandu, Thamel, Patan, Pokhara there you can find several western restaurants as well as other restaurants that offer Indian food, Chinese food, Italian food, Japanese food, Korean food and many more. When you are on trekking to the Himalayas normally you get to taste Nepalese food there. It will be great for you if you know about the local food and restaurants in Nepal before heading your trip to Nepal.

 With the aim of giving you an idea about local food and restaurants in Nepal, I have mentioned some introduction and description relating to the local food and restaurants in Nepal.


Local Nepali food

Because of the geographic connection, Nepalese food is highly influenced by Indian and Tibetan cuisine. Nepali cuisine is not only about its rich taste, but it also reflects the wide variety of cultures and traditions. Some of the common ingredients used in Nepali food are; potatoes, tomatoes, chilies, pepper, garlic, ginger, cumin, mustard oil, and lentils. If you are interested then you can have the taste of Nepalese local food in restaurants of Nepal.


Some of the popular local Nepali foods are:-

Daal Bhat Tarkari

Daal Bhat Tarkari is the meal eaten by all the Nepali people throughout the country. Generally, Nepalese people eat Daal Bhat and Tarkari twice per day. Daal is a soup made lentils and spices and is served along with the boiled grains called Bhat and a vegetable curry. Vegetable curry known as Tarkari is a mix of different vegetables that are cooked together adding spices and curry powder.

In most of the trekking to the Himalayas such as Everest Base Camp Trek, Annapurna Base Camp Trek, etc you will get to eat Daal Bhat and Tarkari.


Newari Dish

Another popular dish among the tourist is a Newari dish. The rice will be pushed into a sheet and kept on a plate which is made by leaves. The food is served with some side dishes such as potato curry, bacon, and dried beans which makes the food more tasty and savory.



 Momo is one of the delicious cuisines which is loved by each and every Nepali people.

Momo is a type of dumpling which is made from dough and is usually filled with minced meat and/or vegetables herbs and spices. You can eat steamed, fried or Jhol momo as per your wish. Normally momo is served with achaar made from tomatoes, chili, sesame seed, and spices.

 Chicken momo, buff momo, pork momo, and vegetable momo are some of the variety of momo found in Nepali restaurant. This popular dish is served not only in the restaurant but also in the street stall also. Momo is famous street food in Nepal. For those who are in Nepal for any purpose, Momo is a must-try food item of Nepalese cuisine.



Thukpa is a hot noodle soup which is cooked along with meat and vegetables. You can also eat Thukpa without adding meat if you are vegetarian. The hot noodle soup seasoned with vegetables and meat is the perfect dish to warm up your body during winter. The taste is awesome.



Gundruk is a sun-dried and fermented vegetable leaves that take Nepali food to the next level. Once you try this you will love the taste of Gundruk. Gundruk is slightly sour and tangy with unique and awesome taste. You can eat achaar as well as a soup of Gunduruk. Both give you amazing taste.


Aloo Tama

It is another must-try Nepalese dish. It is a type of curry which contains the unique type of sour taste. Aloo means ‘potato’ and Tama means ‘Bamboo Shoots’. Aloo Tama is famous particularly in the Newari culture. If you want to have the best taste of Aloo Tama just enter one of the Newari Restaurants and enjoy the taste.



One of the authentic Newari dish Chatamari is made from thin rice batter and topped with minced meat or vegetables with spices. The dish is served with fresh tomato pickle. It is often referred to as Newari Pizza.


Jujudhau (Yoghurt)

Jujudhau literally refers to the King of Yoghurt in the Newari language. The dish is delicious and creamy. The secret behind the taste of Jujudhau is that it is cultured in a clay pot which helps to evaporate excess moisture making Jujudhau more creamy. Further addition of aromatic spices such as cardamom enhances its overall taste. The dish was originated in Bhaktapur and loved by all national and international tourists.


Tour in Nepal offers you the opportunity to taste local food and restaurant in Nepal serves you the Nepali local food as well as international dishes. Two most popular tourist destination in Nepal, Kathmandu, and Pokhara have several western restaurants that usually provides tourist-friendly menus.


Some of the popular restaurants in Nepal are:


Bhojan Griha

Bhojan Griha is one of the finest and largest Restaurants in Kathmandu Valley. Built over the 150-year-old architectural building in Dillibazar, it specializes in Newari cuisine. The great hospitality and standardized architecture allures visitors to have food in this restaurant.


Florid Garden Restaurant

Florid Garden Restaurant is located in the serene area of Thamel and is just 5km far from the Tribhuvan International Airport. The restaurant has been offering great service and a warm welcome to travelers from all over the world for over years. In 2016 the restaurant was redecorated with brand new modern facilities. The warm hospitality, fine service, delicious cuisine, and peaceful garden entice travelers to stay in this pleasant location.


Nepali Chulo

It is an awesome place where you can have the Nepali cuisine along with the cultural dance and shows. Eating Local Nepali food watching cultural dance gives you an amazing experience. The beautiful ambiance of the restaurant and traditional Nepali food is something one would not want to miss when in Kathmandu. The restaurant was built in beautifully restored former Rana Palace in Lazimpat.


Rox Restaurant

Situated within the Hyatt Hotel, the Rox Restaurant serves traditional home-style South European cuisine.


Yangling Tibetan Restaurant

The restaurant is widely popular for its best momo in the town. The restaurant is run by a Tibetan family and is located on Saath Ghumti Thamel Kathmandu. Along with delicious momos, the restaurant also serves traditional Nepalese dumplings stuffed with meat, cheese or vegetables, hot noodle soup with vegetables and meat in it and tasty Tibetan butter tea.



The restaurant is located in Mandala Street in Thamel. It is an awesome place for lunch or dinner. ORK2 is run by Israelite and serves only vegetarian and veg dishes.


What you should know?

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