Tiji Festival in Lo-Manthang Upper Mustang

The Tiji Festival in Mustang is the most auspicious festival in Upper Mustang which is celebrated by the Tibetan Buddhists. The tiji festival is a famous festival which is celebrated once a year for 3 days at the beginning of the harvest season. During this traditional and colorful 3-day festival local people from miles around come to Lo Manthang to celebrate this festival. The festival is celebrated at Lo Manthang in front of the King's palace. This festival has been celebrated for more than 500 years ago in Mustang.

Tiji Festival in Lo-Manthang, Upper Mustang

The Tiji festival is well known as “The chasing of the demons” centered on the Tiji Myths. The myth behind celebrating the tiji festival is really very interesting. Tiji reveals the story of a deity named Dorje Jono, who battled against his demon father in order to save the kingdom of Mustang from destruction. People mainly celebrate this festival in the memory of the victory of good against evil. The father of Dorje Jono was a devil who brought fear among the people by bringing a shortage of water in the land of Mustang, which is extremely arid. Due to this reason he fought against his demon father and dispersed him away from Mustang. Tiji festival in Mustang is celebrated to pay respect to this historical myth. This festival is celebrated for peace and prosperity. Further, it is also the celebration to pray god for water and crops.

Tiji festival in Mustang is celebrated for 3 days continuously and each day has its own significance. On the first day of the tiji festival, lama announces the start of the festival by blowing the dunce along with the drum and cymbals. Then after an ancient and enormous Thanka, three stories is unrolled down the entire south wall of the square. The 11 lamas who wear the high red hats come around the evening. The people wearing the masks and traditional costumes perform the Tiji myth and Dorje Jono fight against the demon and kills him as the dance completes. On the last day, Monks perform ‘Rhachham’ dance enchanting the victory of Dorje over demons.

This festival celebrates his victory with prayer chants and colorful dances. During this festival, people pray, chant mantras. Monks dress up in a traditional manner and perform a traditional dance. The multicolored flags, as well as the yellow red and blue colored dresses, makes the entire surrounding colorful and alluring.

Mustang Trekking in Festival

Upper Mustang is one of the most popular trekking destinations in Nepal. Upper Mustang Trek takes you into the Kingdom of Mustang. Trekking to the Upper Mustang offers you the spectacular views of mountains along with the opportunity to explore the unique arid landscapes of Mustang. Besides, the main attraction of the Upper Mustang is its unique Tibetan Buddhist culture. Trekking to Mustang during the festival season is really amazing and wonderful. Trekking to The Mustang during the Tiji Festival is, of course, an unforgettable experience one can have in Nepal. After all, Tiji is the most awaited annual festival in Upper Mustang so the people celebrate this festival with full of joy. It will be a pleasure for you if you trek Upper Mustang during the festival season. Mustang Tiji festival reveals its own distinctive culture and tradition which is so precious and unique. Tiji festival makes the upper Mustang trek an exceptional one. Local Buddhist Choedhe monastery organizes the festival and over 65 monks of the monastery perform a sacred dance. It is pleasant to see the traditional and religious dances during the festival. Thus hurry up and book the Upper Mustang Trek package to witness the Tiji Festival in Mustang.

 Why Tiji Festival celebrates in Upper Mustang?

Mustang tiji festival is famous among not only the locals but also among the travelers around the world. Upper Mustang trekking not only gives you the pleasure of natural beauty, but it also offers you the wonderful opportunity to explore the monasteries, arts, culture, and tradition of Tibetan Buddhist culture and so on. The exotic cultural beauty of Upper Mustang is something one should experience in their lifetime.

Upper Mustang Tiji festival provides you the wonderful opportunity to immerse yourself in the age-old Tibetan traditional festival. This festival brings locals and the Royal family of Mustang together and all of them pray for the peace and prosperity of this region. This colorful festival gives you a glimpse of the classic and unique culture of the Lo community inhabitants. Tiji festival Upper Mustang trek leaves all the trekkers with the best chance to experience the local Tibetan culture. Book the Upper Mustang Trekking package to celebrate this colorful festival in Lo Manthang, and spend three days in Lo-Manthang to enjoy a great Buddhist celebration along with their traditional and religious dance.

When is the Tiji Festival celebrated in Mustang?

Tiji Festival is a spring renewal festival which is celebrated for 3 days in the arid land of Upper Mustang (Lo Manthang). This festival is celebrated annually during the month of May and June. The date to celebrate the Tiji festival is fixed according to the Tibetan Lunar calendar. The date for the Tiji festival 2020 is announced. In 2020 the celebration duration for the Tiji festival is from 19th May to 21st May.


Tiji festival in Mustang Trek Itinerary:

Day 01: Arrival in Kathmandu

Day 02: Sightseeing and trek preparation.

Day 03: Drive from Kathmandu Valley to Pokhara by tourist bus (6 hours).

Day 04: Fly to Jomsom and trek to Kagbeni (2780m)

Day 05: Trek from Kagbeni to Chele (3050m). The restricted area starts from here.

Day 06: Trek from Chele to Syanboche (3475m).

Day 07: Syanboche to Ghaymi (3520m).

Day 08: Trek from Ghyami  to Tcharang (3490m).

Day 09: Trek  from Tcharang to Lo Manthang (3730m).

Day 10: Explore in Lo Manthang (3700m).

Day 11: Explore at the Festival at Lomangthang

Day 12: Explore at the Lo-Manthang

Day 13: Drive to Chhuksang by jeep (2920m).

Day 14: Trek to Jomsom (2710m). The restricted area ends up on these days.

Day 15: Flight to Pokhara. Explore at Pokhara and overnight.

Day 16: Drive back to Kathmandu.

Day 17: Final Departure.


Mustang Tiji Festival Trek trip facts:

Trip Duration: 17 days 

Maximum Elevation: 4320m

Group size: +2

Accommodation: Hotels and teahouse


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