Trekking seasons in Nepal

Trekking seasons in nepal 

Nepal is located in South Asia just under the Himalayas, which have different landscape start from 60 meters to 8848 meters from seas level. So we have different climates because of the different heights. We have four seasons among them, those are Autumn, Winter, Spring, and Summer. Nepal has two touristic seasons in between. Autumn and Spring is the good season for trekking in nepal. Autumn is a good time for trekkers which is chill weathers in Himalayas of Nepal and at the end, weather converted to Freezing winter. After winter again the season is starting as a spring when all the flowers are blooming and nature will be green at the same time you can see clear sky and white mountain.

Autumn (September-November)
Among Four seasons in Nepal, Autumn is considered as a better season for trekking and expedition in Nepal. This season offers the best weather and clear mountain views. Temperature is neither hot nor cold, It makes good for any trekking, tours, and expedition. May in high elevation snowing and light rain in the lower land.
Winter (December-February)
Basically, the weather is clear in winter time in Nepal. End of the year and the beginning of Christmas, our high mountain is freezing cold with stunning views of the Himalayas. Temperature decrease day by day in the winter time. This time is good for lower elevation trek like Ghorepani trek, Langtang Trek, Helambu trek etc.
Spring (March-May)    
According to Nepal weather, Spring is second biggest trekking season in Nepal. This is better trekking season and best expedition time around a year. In this season flowers start to bloomed and greenery all around. Climate will change from winter to spring, In upper freezing part of the Himalayas start to melts. In term of western Nepal trekking trial like as Ghorepani treks, Helambu trek, Everest view treks are blooming with different varieties of Rhododendron flowers. 

Summer (June-August)
Trekking in Nepal is one of the big industry in Nepal. These three months is not a good time for trekking but stile you can do some of them. This season is an ideal time for Trekking and tour to Tibet however, in some Trekking regions of Nepal connecting to Tibet and desert parts of Nepal like Mustang, Nar-Phu valley and Dolpo regions are the best seasons to do trekking which is summer trekking.