Canyoning in Nepal

Canyoning in Nepal is one of the most popular water adventures that one shouldn’t miss during the visit to Nepal, If it is not in your bucket list then just add it now. Canyoning is all about traversing down the waterfalls or in canyons using various techniques that include hiking, rock climbing, abseiling, sliding, jumping, and swimming. This sport lures adventure junkies with a new level of excitement, adventure, thrill, and adrenaline.

When it comes to canyoning, Nepal is perhaps one of the best destinations for canyoning adventure. Being one of the richest countries in water resources, this country has a plethora of waterfalls and rivers to enjoy this sport and many are still left to explore. These gigantic and marvelous waterfalls beckon each and every traveler who came to visit Nepal. Canyoneering in Nepal is the must-do activity for water adventure enthusiasts and nature lovers. This adventure leads you through the narrow passages of rock that have been contoured by ages of gusting water from the snowmelt of Himalaya or monsoon rain. Further, while doing the canyoning you will pass through the jungles over the deep pools and down beautifully sculpted rocky walls and waterfalls that make you feel overwhelmed deep from the heart. During the journey of canyoning in Nepal, you can observe that many of the canyons here are formed with sandstone, limestone, basalt, or granite though other rock types are also found in some places.

Canyoning Sites in Nepal

Opt for canyoning in any location of Nepal and gain the thrill of adventure for a lifetime. From rugged cliffs and slides to the pounding waterfalls, here in Nepal, you can experience all the pleasures of canyoning.

Canyoning sites in Marsyangdi

 You can experience canyoning in many places including, Raindi Khola, Bulbule Khola, Jagat Khola, and Chamche Khola. These all are the wonderful canyoning sites in Marsyangdi.

Canyoning sites near Kathmandu

Those who wish to experience canyoning near Kathmandu, for them, there are various canyoning sites. Kakani, Sundarijal, and Sisneri are some of the beautiful canyoning sites which are situated near the Kathmandu valley. To experience the extreme adventure of canyoning, one can go for canyoning in Bhotekoshi, which is also the most popular Bunjee Jumping destination throughout the world. The Bhotekoshi includes four canyoning sites, namely Jombo Khola, Handi Khola, Kabre Khola, and Galung Khola.


Canyoning in Jalbire, Chitwan

Located 100km away from the Kathmandu Valley, you can also experience canyoning in Jalbire waterfall. Suitable for the elderly as well as young people, Jalbire waterfall is situated in the Chitwan national park. It is the best and most popular canyoning destination in Nepal.  At Jalbire, one can experience the majestic waterfalls, rock slides, and giant jump before landing in the clean and fresh pools of turquoise water. There are almost five waterfalls with a height of around 40-50 meters in this location.

Apart from all of these destinations, Trishuli is another popular location for canyoning. Canyoning in Trishuli serves you with an exciting and challenging adventure.


Is it safe to join canyoning trips in Nepal?

Yes, It is safe to join the canyoning trips in Nepal until and unless you go with the established travel company in Nepal. Taking the safety, the primary concern, they provide you the expert canyoning guides who will guide you in jumping, abseiling, and sliding down steep canyon walls and waterfalls to the deep pools below. However, before embarking the journey of canyoning, make sure whether you are mentally and physically prepared for the adventure or not. Moreover, canyoning is more often connected with technical descents, technical climbs, technical jumps, and technical swims, it is necessary to carry the essential gears before joining the canyoning. The gears include climbing hardware, static ropes, wetsuits, helmets, and specially designed shoe packs and rope bags. Despite having all the gears, going for canyoning alone is quite risky. Hence, whenever you think of canyoning, it is recommended to join the canyoning trip with a registered travel company in Nepal.


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