Pashupatinath Aarati

Pashupatinath Aarati is the most precious ritual held at the bank of the Bagmati river on the eastern side of the Pashupatinath Temple. It is a well-known fact that aarati has been given the most value in the Hindu religion. Hence, lots of people gather together at the bank of the Bagmati river to enjoy the mesmerizing aarti ceremony. Foreigners who are not allowed to enter the main temple of Pashupatinath are freely allowed to join the Pashupatinath Sandhya aarati. People from all around the world visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Pashupatinath Temple, during their tour in Nepal. The name of Pashupatinath indeed is enough for its popularity, but the evening aarati is also the reason for the visit of many devotees.

By taking the oil lamps, priests move those lamps in a circular motion and perform the divine act. Besides these, during the aarati time, sometimes you may also see some devotees performing Tandav. Tandav is a celestial dance performed by Lord Shiva. To pay respect to Lord Shiva, some devotees and Sadhus perform this dance. The astonishing ritual performance of the priests and devotees makes the evening more dazzling. The singing of hymns in praise of god, playing of classical instruments, chanting of Vedic mantras, burning of coal incense, the lighting of lamps, the ringing of bells, and other religious elements keep the people mesmerized throughout.

Another interesting thing about the Pashupatinath aarati is that standing at the bank of the holy Bagmati river during the aarati time, you can see life and deaths both at the same time. On the one side of the riverbank, you can see the people celebrating life and on the other side, you can see the families and priests getting ready for the cremation. On the eastern river, there is the flame lighted with bated breath while on the western bank, there is a flame coming out of the body of a person after the last breath. Spending some time at this place, you will experience a rich spiritual connection. You will notice that death is not the end, but the new beginning. Attending the aarati, you will forget all your pain and sorrow for a while. Also, it may be the reason why thousands of people visit Pashupatinath temple every day in the evening aarati time. With the objective to thank God and to pray for the betterment of humanity, aarati is conducted at Pashupatinath temple.

If you are in Nepal and haven’t attended the Pashupatinath Bagmati aarati, then you are indeed missing something very precious. Whenever you visit Nepal, you should definitely attend the sandhya aarati for the spiritual connection. Each and every moment spent at this location will make your trip to Nepal more exciting and reminiscing.


Pashupatinath Aarati Starting Time

Pashupatinath aarati was started in 2000 AD. However, it was established as a regular tradition in 2006 AD. Depending on the season, the aarati begins at around 6 pm during winter and around 7 pm during the summer season. Joining this Sandhya Aarati, you will find yourself indulged in a spiritual journey. Every day during the aarati time, the bank of the sacred Bagmati River gets filled with devotees and tourists. It is truly blissful to listen to the bhajans and watch the dancers performing the ritual dance. On top of this, the aarati itself is the major attraction of the evening and participating in the aarati plunge you into the sea of eternal peace while providing you the inner satisfaction.


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