Top 10 Best Short Treks from Pokhara

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Top 10 Best Short Treks from Pokhara 

1.    Ghandruk Village Trek 

2.    Sikles Trek 

3.    Royal Trek 

4.    Dhampus Village Trek 

5.    Naudanda day Hike 

6.    Panchese Trek 

7.    Sirubari Village Tour 

8.    Sarangkot Trek

9.    Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek 

10.    Begnaskot Hiking 

Pokhara is a city tucked away in the western region of the geographically and culturally diverse and rich country Nepal. Pokhara is a significant area in terms of tourism in Nepal. It is the gateway to many popular treks in the world. Some of the highest mountains in the world like Mt. Dhaulagiri, Annapurna, and Manaslu are situated near Pokhara; hence, their views are unobstructed. The Annapurna Conservation Area sits just north of Pokhara. Thus, Pokhara is ideal for tourism. While Pokhara itself is a wonderland for tourists and trekkers, the areas near it are even more fascinating. 


There are numerous Treks from Pokhara, some short and some long. The short treks near Pokhara have one thing particularly in common- the introduction to unique culture and way of life, rich heritage and traditions, and greenery. The riveting beauty of Pokhara and the surrounding hills and mountains have created the base for tourism. Some of the tallest and the mightiest peaks of the world, above 7000m, pop up between the hills near Pokhara. The Gurung villages near Pokhara offers the chance to experience the lifestyle of this ethnic tribe. Their way of life, their cultural dresses, traditions, and heritage are seen throughout the trails of the short trek from Pokhara. 

Following are the top 10 Best Short Treks from Pokhara: 

1.    Ghandruk Village Trek 

Ghandruk Village trek is one of the best short treks near Pokhara. It takes you across the beautiful Annapurna Region in western Nepal. Although Ghandruk is now accessible through vehicles, the real experience of the lifestyle of the village is known best only through the trek. Ghandruk is known best for the deep sub-tropical valleys and historic Tibetian-Nepali lifestyle. The route to Ghandruk passes many hills where the wind is active, and the weather is unpredictable. The rhododendron and pine forest are equally enchanting. Occasionally there are melodious chirping birds. As you reach Ghandruk, clouds seem to hover around you at the hilltops. 

Some of the major highlights of the Ghandruk Village trek are: 

-    Views of Annapurna Range, Gangapurna, Himchuli and Mt. Machhapuchre 

-    Interaction with the Gurung community, understanding their tradition, heritage, and culture 

-    Watch the sunrise and sunset on the horizon 

-    Taste the local delicacies, Nepali cuisine, and local drinks of the Gurung community 

-    Witness the rich biodiversity along the trail

-    Walk alongside the swift-flowing Modi Khola  

-    Pass many streams, waterfalls, and bridges along the way 

-    Visit ancient monasteries and temples

Ghandruk Village trek is indeed a standard short trek that is best for amateur trekkers and also those seeking to flex their legs and relax in the greenery and peaceful setting under the mountains of Nepal. This is a rewarding trek that is best suited for you and your family as well. Experience the real natural beauty and culture of Nepal through the very famous Ghandruk Village Trek. 

2.    Sikles Trek 

The Siklesh trekking is a short trek from Pokhara that has only recently been discovered. Ever since the discovery of Sikesh as a possible trekking destination, the inflow of tourists has become high. Sikles is one of the largest villages in the northeast of Pokhara that is inhabited by the Gurung community. One of the most exciting things about the trek is that it is cultural at best since you get to experience the true culture and tradition of the ethnic communities living there. You can even join in their music and dance in the Rodhi Ghar. 

Some of the major highlights of the Sikles Trek are: 

-    Views of Annapurna II, and Lamjung Himal 

-    Hilltop view of the deep sub-tropical valley below 

-    Get introduced to the Ghantu dance of the Gurung tribe 

-    Hike to the hilltop of Rishing Danda and Tara Hill 

-    Chance to view the avalanches in the mountain ranges 

Sikles Trek is best known for its rich biodiversity, particularly best for bird and butterfly watching. With numerous species of plants and flowers, the wildlife is flourishing in all parts of Sikles. The homestays in Siklesh gives you a sense of home away from home. Walking through the terraced hills to the lowlands and entering the wonderful village of Siklesh to be warmly welcomed by the wonderful people is simply a fantastic experience. These kinds of experiences are usually only witnessed in long treks, but Siklesh has it all when it comes to short treks. 

3.    Royal Trek 

Royal Trek, as per the name, is a trekking trail in the Annapurna Region of Nepal, which was hiked by Prince Charles in the 1980s. The royal trek is in all ways Royal since you get offered with the best of the views and hospitality from the warmest of people residing there. The valleys and the ridges that you have to cross along the trail are mesmerizing and adventurous. Even in the short distance from Pokhara, you will be blanketed with unique flora and fauna and rich culture and traditions.

Some of the main attractions of the Royal Trek are: 

-    The scenic drive from Pokhara to Kalikasthan 

-    Intermingling with the Gurung ethnic community and discovering their culture and traditions

-     Explore the age-old art and crafts

-    Views of the Annapurna range 

-    Walkthrough green forests 

-    Pass through the green terrace farms in the hills 

-    Up-close views of Begnas Lake 


The Gurung ethnic community living in these trails are warm and welcoming. They are eager to introduce you to their culture, their unique food and drinks, and dresses, among others. The high terrace farms are an eye-catching attraction, best for photography. In the backdrop of the entire scenery lies the vast Annapurna Mountain range seeming to almost melt into the deep blue sky above. The views of the mountain ranges are generally apparent in the spring season with minimal clouds. Hence, it is best suggested that you hop on the next bus or plane to Pokhara city and experience the royal side of the Annapurna Region. 

4.    Dhampus Village Trek 

Dhampus is a famous trek from Pokhara, which has always been a favorite hiking/trekking spot for the locals as well as the tourists. You get a chance to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city life in the Dhampus village tucked away safely in western Nepal. He trek offers the experience to encounter different ethnic groups residing in the village and understand their way of life. It is mainly known to be one of the best viewpoints of the Annapurna Region. 

Some of the major attractions of the Dhampus trek are: 

-    Views of Annapurna II, Dhampus Peak, Mt. Nilgiri, Lamjung Himal, Tukuche Peak, and Mt. Macchapuchre 

-    Experience the lifestyle of the Magar and Gurung communities 

-    Pass through terraced fields, hamlets, and green forests 

-    Views of Pokhara valley, Phewa Lake, and World peace stupa 

The views of the Dhampus Peak at the altitude of 6012m are clearly seen throughout the trekking trail along with other mountain ranges. Like most of the short treks around Pokhara, the Dhampus trek is also known for the cultural encounter with the Gurung communities mostly inhabiting this place. Dhampus is one of the few treks that has it all in the aspect of views, greenery, introduction to a new culture, and a little bit of strain to your muscles. Hence, if you are looking for a short trek that has it all, then begin your hike towards Dhampus. 

5.    Naudanda day Hike 

If you are looking for a quick rescue from your busy life, or hanging out with your friends and family during the weekend, then Naudanda day hike is the best. Naudanda day hike is a recently popularized short hike around Pokhara. It is best suited for those seeking a cultural experience, for environmental education, traveling with family, nature lovers, and senior tourists. The specialty of the day hike is that the walk is not strenuous or rigorous. If you are someone that loves to travel with family or friends, then it is best that you bring them along as well. However, along the way, you will even meet many solo hikers who are on a soul searching journey to the hilltop. The maximum altitude of the Naudanda day hike is only 1540m, so it is an easy trek. 

Some of the major highlights of the Naudanda day hike are: 

-    Panoramic views of Annapurna massif, Mt. Macchapuchre, Mt, Nilgiri 

-    Wonderful cultural experience 

-    Sunrise or sunset from the hills 

-    Views of Fewa Lake 

Naudanda day hike has not been quite popular. Hence you can expect fewer tourists. The Danda-hill is peaceful and best for relaxing for a day. Located in the hilltop, the Naudanda hike offers an exceptional view of those mountains that look almost golden in the morning sunshine.

6.    Panchese Trek 

Panchase Trek is a wonderful trekking experience in the Annapurna Region that offers majestic views of the mountain ranges from the Panchase hill. It is one of the famous treks near Pokhara. The trek begins from Bhumdi village and heads to Panchase Bhanjyang that passes through lush rhododendron and pine forests. Eventually, you reach Panchase hill, which offers spectacular views of Nepal’s mountains. Panchase is around 28 km away from Pokhara. 

Some of the major attractions of the Panchase trek are: 

-    Views of Mt. Manaslu, Annapurna Massif, Ganesh Himal, and Mt. Dhaulagiri

-    Visit the villages of Panchase and Bhumdi 

-    The scenic drive from Pokhara to Bhumdi village 

-    Walkthrough the green forest to Panchase Bhanjyang 

-    Explore the geographical diversity, religious and historical figures

Panchase is one of the highest hills around Pokhara. It is also known to have a religious significance among the pilgrims. Panchase is better known as Pancha Dham and is visited by pilgrims all around the year. The river that flows through Panchase is known to be the source of many other rivers like Seti, Rati, Andhi, and Jare. The trail passes through green vegetation at the subtropical climatic setting. It is an ideal place for the habitation of wildlife. If you are lucky, you might even spot some rare birds and animals. Along the way, magnolia and rhododendron welcome you and show you the way towards the villages. The ethnic groups of Magars, Chhetri, and Gurung are warm and welcoming. 

7.    Sirubari Village Tour 

One of the best short treks from Pokhara, Sirubari Village tours, takes you to the beautiful and welcoming village of Sirubari in the western region of Nepal. Sirubari village is a little far from Pokhara than other mentioned treks. It is around 57 km away from Pokhara. The trek is long, but is categorized as an easy trek. The tour begins from central Pokhara and takes a scenic drive to Arjunchaupari. The trek starts from Arjunchapuri, Pokhara then heads to Sirubari. 

The major attraction of the Sirubari Village tour are: 

-    Views of Mt.Macchapuchre, Annapurna, and Dhaulagiri 

-    Explore the unique culture and tradition of the Chhetri, Gurung, and Magar, community 

-    Views of identical stone-brick homestays 

-    Enjoy the local delicacy and drinks 

Sirubari Village tour is often regarded as a heritage tour since the village is inhabited by Buddhist, Hindu, and Shaman religious groups who have their own culture and heritage sites. Apart from the stunning Himalayan ranges, the homestays in Sirubari offer the real experience of trekking in the rural parts f Nepal. One of the primary reasons why you should take the Sirubari Village tour is because it has won the Heritage & Culture- Heritage Category in the 2001 PATA Gold Award. Ever since, the villagers have focused on tourism and have installed better facilities and trip packages so that you have the best time during your stay here. The views of the mountain ranges are unobstructed in June. Flora and fauna during this time of the year are blooming and flourishing. 

8.    Sarangkot Trek

Sarangkot is a popularly known hill near Pokhara that is best known for the fantastic views of the Annapurna massif, the sunshine and sunset, and mostly-Paragliding. Paragliding in Sarangkot hill near Pokhara is known as one of the best paragliding experiences in the world. Apart from Paragliding, Sarangkot is also known for the majestic views of the Himalayan ranges. Since it is located at an altitude of 1600m, the wind is strong yet smooth. Also, the views in the morning are immaculate. Sarangkot is only 10 km from Pokhara. Whether you have ended your long Annapurna Base Camp trek or Manaslu expedition, this is one of the best places to visit and relax. It is a heritage tour at best. 

The significant highlights of Sarangkot Trek are: 

-    The sunrise and sunset from between the hills 

-    Views of Annapurna Massif, Mt. Dhaulagiri, and Manaslu. 

-    Views of paragliders flying in the open sky 

-    Explore the huts, heritage sites, temples, and monasteries 

Sarangkot is a must-go short trek near Pokhara. Some areas in Sarangkot show the rural side of Pokhara. The authentic huts that used to be there in the 90s are still there. The beauty of Sarangkot has not faded a bit. Moreover, from a tourism perspective, the hill has been protected. 

9.    Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek 

Ghorepani Poon Hill trek is one of the famous treks in the Annapurna region that takes you to the villages inhabited by the communities of Gurungs and Chhetris. Ghorepani and Poon Hill trek is the ideal trek for those wishing to start their trekking adventures and practice by flexing their legs. The essence of trekking in Nepal is depicted throughout the trek. 

Some of the highlights of the Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek are: 

-    360-degree views of the Mt. Nilgiri, Mt. Macchapuchre, Mt. Dhaulagiri, Annapurna Massif 

-    Walkthrough the trail with forests of rhododendron and pine 

-    Opportunity to intermingle with the Gurung and Chhetri community and their culture 

-    Experience the local cuisine and drinks in the homestays 

It is one of the easy treks near Pokhara. Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek is for those who are seeking unobstructed views of the Himalayan ranges in the Annapurna Region without the long and strenuous trekking days. In some parts of the trail, you will have to walk through stone steps, which are at some point challenging; however, as you reach the hilltop at Poon Hill, the views are worth every bit of the challenge. The highest point of the entire trek is 3,210m so amateur trekkers might be prone to altitude sickness. The area experiences snow in the winter season; however, it is best in the Spring season. 

10.    Begnaskot Hiking 

Begnaskot hiking is a short hike around Pokhara in the northeastern rim. The green hills overlook the Begnas Lake. From a distance, the views of Annapurna range, Mt. Machpuchre and Mt. Dhaulagiri are seen. It is around 15 km from Pokhara. the means of transportation is through boats. You can take a 30 minute boating over the Began Lake and cross the lake The hike starts from Sundari Danda. The hiking takes gradual ascends but there isn’t any steep climb. This is a hiking for age group of hikers. Begnaskot hiking is also famous among the pilgrims who have a religious purpose of visiting the Begnaskot Temple. 

The main Highlights of the Begnaskot hiking are: 

-    Bird’s eye view of the third largest lake of Nepal - Begnas Lake and Rupa Lake 

-    Experience the lifestyle of different ethnic communities 

-    Hike to Sundari Danda 

-    Worship and give offerings in the Begnaskot Temple

This hike is mostly famous for family hiking with friends. It is, in a way, a heritage hike since it passes various villages. Along with the villages, you will get to intermingle with the Gurung, Magar, Chhetri, and Bhramin communities. Begnaskot is known best for the walkthrough green hills, Himalayas, and the Pokhara Valley. The maximum altitude of the Begnaskot hiking tour is 1300m, and the best months to visit are from September to December and February to June. 

Mountain Rock Trek and Expedition make sure that your tours and treks around Nepal are well organized and adventurous. For your convenience, we have tailored packages around the Annapurna region, Everest Region, Langtang Region, Dolpo Region, and Manaslu Region.  Some of the most wonderful trekking packages are in the Annapurna Region. Apart from the above-mentioned ten best short treks from Pokhara. There are many other short treks around Pokhara. You can also go on a trek near World Peace Stupa, tour around the city at Tal Barahi Temple, Phewa Lake, Bindabasini Temple, and more. These places make Nepal and particularly Pokhara, the best trekking and touring spot in the world. From a tourist perspective, Pokhara has changed a lot, but the trekking areas are the basis of life around there. There are more tours and trekking trails that have popped around in Pokhara in recent years. These trails are untouched and are isolated to some extent. Hence they make the best place for soul-searching treks. The depth of the lush green forests around the trekking trails of Ghorepani, Siklesh, and Dhampus have made Nepal glorious in terms of  Nature and biodiversity. 

If you have already gone to the short trek around Pokhara and are opting for a longer trek, then our team at Mountain Rock Trek and Expedition can prepare an extended customized trek package. You can opt for Annapurna Circuit Trek, Annapurna Base Camp trek, Everest Base Camp trek, and more, which are some of the most famous treks in Nepal.

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