Upper Mustang Helicopter Tour

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  • Duration 1 Days
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About Trip

Upper Mustang Helicopter Tour is the fastest and luxurious way to explore the forbidden kingdom of Mustang located in the northeast part of Nepal and near to Nepal-Tibet border. Joining the helicopter tour to Upper Mustang you reach beautiful Mustang without walking on multiple days trekking trails or bumpy road drive. This heli tour is especially suitable for time-bounded travelers who wish to indulge themself in the exotic beauty of Upper Mustang. In addition, those who are not capable to do the multiple days trek due to weak physical condition,  Upper Mustang Helicopter Tour is the perfect choice for them too.

Commencing the helicopter flight from Kathmandu the helicopter finally lands at LoManthang which is the major highlight of the upper Mustang. Lo Manthang is the capital of Upper Mustang and there is King’s palace at the center of the city square. People of the Lo- Manthang have a great feeling of respect towards the King and the Kingdom. In Lo-Manthang you will get to see the mud walls that protect the ancient city, lined with prayer stones and monasteries. In fact, there is a different world inside the walled city with old gompas, finely carved wooden pillars, captivating images of Buddhist deities, and other traditional things. Exploring this astonishing land makes your travel journey remarkable. 

Due to the close proximity of Mustang with Tibet, the lifestyle and culture of Lo-Manthang are highly influenced by Tibet. Having insight into the lifestyle and tradition of Lo- Manthang makes your tour a more pleasing and fascinating one. Really Upper Mustang is the perfect blend of the unique landscape and Tibetian lifestyle.

Upper Mustang Heli Tour offers a great opportunity to witness the areal view of the snowcapped mountains like Annapurna, Dhauligiri, Manaslu, and many more. Flying over the Kaligandaki river, stunning landscapes, mystical villages, majestic mountains, and rare flora and fauna you will get to feel all the adventure during this scenic flight.


What is the best time for Upper Mustang Heli Tour?

Upper Mustang Heli Tour is possible throughout the year however Spring and monsoon season are the best time to do this tour. If you want to experience the major festival celebration of Mustang then you have to visit during April or May. During this month Tiji festival is celebrated in Lo-Manthang. Winter is pretty harsh there hence it is recommended to avoid the heli tour during this time.

What is the cost for Upper Mustang Helicopter Tour? 

Well, the cost of helicopter tours to the Upper Mustang depends on the type of service that you demand. If you choose the private charter then the cost gets higher but if you join the sharing basis then you shouldn’t have to pay high as the cost is divided among travelers in the flight. Moreover, the price may vary from company to company however there is no high difference in the price range. The flight can carry 5person at once. Normal Upper Mustang Heli Tour cost details are given below.

No of People

Price (Per Person)


USD 1500


USD 1700


USD 2150


USD 3450


USD 6500 (being private Charter)


What are the things required for the Heli tour to Upper Mustang?

As the tour is of one day you should not have to carry heavy equipment. A nice daypack is enough for the trip.

  1. Sunglasses
  2. Sunscreens and lip balms
  3. Good camera
  4. Water Bottle
  5. Warm socks, boots 
  6. Windproof jackets
  7. Light snacks and chocolates


What to expect from Helicopter tour to Upper Mustang?

The tour provides you the opportunity to witness the breathtaking views of snowcapped mountains like Annapurna, Dhauligiri, Nilgiri, and others. Getting closer to the Upper Mustang you will gain a sense of pleasure and peace. The ancient walled city, Lo Manthang has its own uniqueness which you get to observe during the heli tour to Mustang. The ecstasy while experiencing the tradition and lifestyle of Lo Manthang people is beyond words to explain. Wandering on the desert-like terrains and valleys surrounded by snowcapped mountains is truly reminiscing and rejuvenating. Upper Mustang Heli Tour is an amazing alternative to Upper Mustang Trek. This is one of the must-visit places in Nepal to experience the Tibetan influenced culture and landscape. Enjoy the scenic flight Kathmandu to Pokhara, Jomsom, Kagbeni, and Lo Manthang. 

If you want to escape away from the hectic life and want to relish the cultural and natural beauty of Himalayan terrain then without any hesitation book this Upper Mustang Helicopter Tour package.


How many people can travel at once in Helicopter Flight to Upper Mustang?

The commercial flight to Upper Mustang can accommodate a maximum of five people at once. 


What are the permits required for Upper Mustang Helicopter Tour?

Upper Mustang Trek and Upper Mustang Helicopter Tour were open for foreigners from 1992. Since then a number of travelers all over the world have made their visit to this alluring land. Even though the land is open for foreigners it is still declared as the restricted area by the Government of Nepal. A Restricted Area Permit is required to visit this area and must be accompanied by a government-appointed officer. Additionally, you should also have to take the Annapurna Conservation Area Project to permit along with you.

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Outline Itinerary

  • Day 01:Pre-Meeting Before the Tour & Drive to Airport - fly to Upper mustang and Back to Hotel

Detail Itinerary

  • Day 01Pre-Meeting Before the Tour & Drive to Airport - fly to Upper mustang and Back to HotelUpper Mustang Helicopter Tour commences with an early morning flight from Kathmandu domestic airport. At around 6:00 AM you will begin your flight to Pokhara airport. The chopper will be spacious with comfy seats and enough room for legs. In the next 35 minutes, you will reach Pokhara airport. The flight up to Pokhara will be scenic and present you beautiful views of rolling green hills along with a glimpse of Himalayan mountains at a far distance. You will land on Lukla for 10 to 20 minutes to fuel the tank. From here, you will fly all the way up to Everest Base Camp. You have both options to either land on EBC or Kala Patthar Viewpoint. You will spend some time at this place, explore around, and take some photos. After that, you will fly to lomangthang. Further, you will fly back to Kathmandu with a heart full of memories and your upper mustang Heli Tour comes to an end.